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Tiny House in Annapolis – Does Size Matter?

How Small is Tiny?

The tiny house craze is all over home improvement television and the internet these days.  Newlyweds thinking they could cram their entire life into a 200 square foot landscape trailer, throw a roof on it and call it a house.  But the reality is that these aren’t really houses, they are more often than not mobile trailers retrofitted to be used as housing for the short term – maybe more than a year – but not an entire lifetime.


So far this year in Anne Arundel County there have been 30 homes sold with under 800 finished square feet and one even as small as 548 square feet.  But none are even close to the 200 square feet that Tiny House purists say you need to max out at to be considered a true Tiny House Pioneer.  These homes have all sold on average 79 days after being on the market – and the average year built was 1948.  We’re not making them like we used to!

Check out our TINY HOUSE listing.

The median size of new homes built these days, according to the Census Bureau, is somewhere in the range of 2400sq feet.  Most of our clients are looking for room to grow, and a house of this size allows them the flexibility to have rooms with different purposes and not be stuck to a traditional floor plan.   But there is a large buyer pool looking for smaller houses, maybe not ‘Tiny’, especially in and around Annapolis.  Some of the positives about smaller houses include:

  • More energy efficient
  • Less to cleaning and maintenance
  • A cozy feeling
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Lower property taxes


Smaller houses are also excellent properties for short term rentals, such as VRBO or AirBNB.  (See our post from last year HERE) Visitors and tourists coming to downtown Annapolis often just need a place to lay their head and don’t want the full concierge services(and costs) of a 5 star hotel.  They like to have a small furnished home to sleep 3-5 people with a private kitchen, something with character and privacy.

We listed 1109 Beech Street in the Homewood section of Annapolis about a month ago and have had a great response from the market.  See the photos below and let us know if you would like more info on this or any other great property.2017-5-9-10-15-0-0036


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